Meitong Guo

   Hi, my name is MeitongGuo, I come from China, you can call me Kimi because it is easy to remember.

   I graduated from California State University San Bernardino with an Accounting degree. I had a year of working experience as an Accountant at a local company. Through my brief working experience, I have further evaluated myself. Even though my current knowledge fulfills my job fine, but in order to take the next step forward, I felt it is necessary to pursue a Master degree.

   I choose the Instructional Technology program because I believe e-learning will be the developing trend of education going forward. Fall, 2017 was my first quarter, I’m very happy to be a part of Instructional Technology program. At beginning I said I have very limited knowledge about Instructional technology, but after a year learning, I know IT based on foundation, design, research, and technology. I learned how to write code (HTML and CSS ). I learned a lot of new knowledge from this program, for example, I know the IT definitions has been always changed, also the IT has various names, I know how to write APA style, how to do the research paper, how do design a project, what is learning theories, what is ADDIE, and what the different about qualitative and quantitative.

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